About Jed Revolutia

Jed Revolutia is mostly known as the author of You Are LIKEable and social media personality under his twitter account: @revolutia and facebook page: Jed Revolutia. He is currently based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The writer of this blog started using Jed Revolutia as his pseudonym when he was involved in several internet forums back in 2002-2008. He was active in 2KG, The Outcasts, AP, and XW communities and gained needed reputation to start as a writer. He started to blog in 2003 and has published some of his works: Rethink (ebook, 2008), #CultureShock (ebook, 2010), and You Are LIKEable (ebook and book, 2010). His writing is sharp, straightforward, and thought-provoking. As a person, Jed is a combination of a strong conservative background with a liberal social approach. He has knowledge and interest in many fields: faith, history, education, psychology, culture, business, economy, politics, linguistics, marketing, music, sociology, and entertainment. All those combination have given him a unique perspective to speak his mind in his writing.

You can send Jed an email to mail(at)revolutia.info to contact him. He occasionally accept speaking invitation for various purposes.

Below are his answer to some of the most frequently asked questions:

Why are you using a pseudonym instead of your real name?

It is very common for an author to use a pseudonym instead of his/her real name. You might be surprised to know that great writers such as Mark Twain, Bob Dylan, George Elliot, Herge, Jin Yong, JK Rowling, Voltaire, and Woody Allen are all pseudonyms. People use pseudonym for various reasons, mine being since it is the nickname that I use since the beginning of my online presence.

Will you then tell us your real name?

All my friends know my real name. As for the public, let it goes naturally, as in the case of other famed authors. Once they get famous, people will then know their real name as well.

How did you come up with Jed Revolutia?

When I started writing on the internet, there was no facebook. Back then, nobody was using their real name. Everyone has a cyber name as part of their online identity and so do I. Jed comes from Jedidiah (a common name) and Revolutia was coined later on just because it sounded great. There was no other reason than simply for the sake of creating a great, memorable name.

How to download your ebooks? Are they free?

They are free but I am thinking of adjusting them to the newer format (ePub) commonly used on tablets nowadays instead of the older format (pdf). That's why they are not around at this moment. If anyone can help me in this, just drop me an email and we'll have a chat.

How to get "You Are LIKEable" book? Is it free?

No, the book is not free since it has production cost and somebody must pay for the papers, print, and distribution. The book is not available on any bookstores so don't waste your time going to Gramedia to find it. The only way you can buy the book is via nulisbuku.com website. If you need customer service help, just tweet them @nulisbuku.

When will you publish "You Are LOVEable" and "You Are ADORable"?

Good question! However, I don't have the answer since I have made several attempts and they failed. Just be patient, will you.

I am a publisher and I am interested to publish your book. Are you know working with other publisher?

Just drop me an email and we'll have a chat.

I want to get to know you in person. What should I do?

Just drop me an email and we'll have a chat.