2007: Changing Nightmares Into Sweet Dreams

Dear Dreamers,

It`s been a tradition for most people to spend much thinking about their lives in the end of the year. As the new year is approaching, a new hope is being conceived. We all wanna be better person. We all do not wanna be static. We all wanna change our nightmares into sweet dreams. I also put a lot of thinking and reflection on myself as I have a lot of things to be expected in the coming year. As for me, I need to do a lot change for myself. These days, I am a cocoon. In 2007, I must have been a butterfly, ready to fly.

One of the issues I dealt with this year has been my anti-social nature. There is a good discussion going on this topic at The OutCasts Comm. One of the biggest issue in my life has been stuggling against loneliness. After reading `The Naked Soul` by Dr. Tim Alan Gardner (Thanks to Deeyan for buying me the book), I started to realize that I need friends. I can only have friends if I put a lot of time and efforts to build a quality friendship, something that has not been a habit for me.

Growing up a loner, I don`t have many friends. I do have some close friends, my soul mates, but I have not been friendly to other people whom I considered as my non-best friends. Like Mike Yaconelli, I started to realize, I need to choose spending time with other people and become a good friend, a good listener, a good cheerleader, rather than spending most of my time with myself. I have always been a homebody, parts of it might be because my mom wouldn`t like me to spend time outside the house since she is a worrywart. My home is my zone of control. I only spend little time to hang out with other people. If I do hang out, I prefer to do it by myself. I go anywhere alone, because I have been used to it, not long until I realized that I sobbed a lot due to my lack of friends.

My friend, Ina Pelangi, is right. She said that I should not spend to much time thinking rather than doing. I should try to open myself up for new relationships with anybody, find a friend out of everybody, and I should fix my life before I start to become insane due to much thinking about life and its meaning. I should learn to accept myself so that I can accept other people. I should find new hobbies and activities that will provide me with more friends.

I always hide myself behind a persona. I don`t want my cover to be exposed and the naked me show up. I know a lot of people, but I only make friends with few people. But that would be history in 2007 as I have decided to do major changes.

Thanks to Mee, Ina, Juli, Juni who have been sisters for me throughout 2006. Your supports really mean a lot for me. Thanks for Eko Pitoy, Gira Djojo, and Andreas Connery who have been my faithful buddy for such a long time. Thanks to my friends and family at church and The OutCasts Comm. Thanks to you, bloggers who have visited this blog and give your comments. Thank you, Brennan Manning, whose messages have been a source of strength to me.

I'm still looking to have a girlfriend. The criteria have been set by Tom Petty in the following lyrics from the song Free Fallin:

She's a good girl, loves her mama
Loves Jesus, and America too
She's a good girl, crazy 'bout Elvis
Loves horses, and her boyfriend too.

In Abba`s embrace,



Anonymous said…
hey, it's good way to promote your self..*wink*

it's good idea klo mo mulai bersosialisasi, hanya saja, jangan sampe kehilangan jati diri sampe2 merasa asing ma diri sendiri. btw, kepribadian yg menarik adalah ketika dia tak sadar dirinya menarik ;)
The Dodo said…
your writings touch. as always. good work.
Theresia Maria said…
Jed, met Natal dan Tahun Baru 2007...moga tahun yang kan datang membawa kabar sukacita yang lebih baik.
Fida Abbott said…
Hi Jed, you get a special Christmas Greetings from me. Please, visit my Blog. Thanks.