Painting On The Wall

Painting On The Wall
 Copyright (c) 2007 Jed Revolutia
I saw a painting on the wall
The most terrible piece I've ever seen
It was unfashion and asymmetrical
Unsatisfactory, ungracious, and unpleasin`
People had come and saw this horrible
Piece and they left with grumbling chin
While pitied the most terrible piece of all
That can neither connect nor pleasin`
Their desire for a perfect image of the soul
Then suddenly I realized that it has been
A painting of the self-important Poet`s soul
And then I ran, I ran, and oh I ran
I sobbed, I sobbed, and oh I sobbed
God, I did too many flaws in my life
I never did anything in the correct way
I am gaumless and purblind
I`ve come nowhere all these years
Reshape me oh Lord, reshape me
I need little more than grace right now
Beat me, slash me, bruise me
And we did see a painting on the wall
Truly, the most terrible piece we have seen.


dung2x said…
He said "My grace is sufficient for you, for My power is made perfect in weakness." - 2 Kor 12:9
pyuriko said…
Bukankan kita smua pernah melakukan kesalahan???
Hendri Bun said…
What's wrong Bro. Selalu ada kasih dari Dia untuk kita berubah seturutNya. Jadilah tanah liat yang diam tak bersuara dan merelakan diri untuk dibentuk sesuai kehendakNya :)
Anonymous said…
painting on a wall
it will be colors of your life
the biggest created of yours ..
Fida Abbott said…
Bagus tuh sudah mengenal diri sendiri dan mengijinkan Tuhan membentuk kembali kehidupan Jed. Good Luck!!!
GBU Friend!!!
Anonymous said…
Satu lagi pencarian jatidiri yang terungkap.
Manda La Mendol said…
mirror mirror on the wall
kayaknya si Jed lagi error

*nggak nyambung ...biarian ah :))
I like your poetry....