Belajar Istilah Seputar Blogging (Blargon)

Beberapa dari kita sudah nge-blog bertahun-tahun namun kurang tahu tentang beberapa istilah yang dipakai di seputar dunia blog. Disini Jed coba me-list beberapa diantara banyaknya istilah yang dipakai oleh blogger.

Istilah Umum
Weblog- An online dated diary listing your periodic thoughts on a specific topic, often in reverse chronological order.
Blog - short form for weblog
Blogging - the act of posting on blogs
Blogger - a person who blogs
Blogosphere - The internet blogging community

Jenis-jenis Blog
Group blog- with multiple contributing bloggers.
Event blog - focussed on an event
Kittyblogger - writing about cats.
Celeblog - focused on a celebrity.
Celebriblog - maintained by a celebrity.
CEOBlog - run by a chief executive officer.
Plog - a project blog. Also for personalised weblogs
Movlogs - mobile video blogs.
Splog- a spam blog
Tech blog - focused on a technical subject.
Anonoblog - by an anonymous blogger
Linguablog - about linguistics, translation etc.
Metablog - a blog about blogging.
Milblog - a military blog.
Blawg - blogged by lawyer / related to legal stuff
Edu-blog - education oriented blog.
Progblog - A progressive blog.
Shocklog - provokes discussion by posting shocking content
Blogsite - A web site that combines blog feeds from a number of different sources
Dark Blog- A non-public blog
Photocast- a photoblog that automatically updates when new photos are added.

Seputar Kebiasaan Nge-Blog
Metablogging - writing articles about blogging
Blogstipation - writer’s block for bloggers. Cant think of what to blog about?
Blogathy - I do not want to post today and I do not care about it
Blogopotamus - A long long blog post
Blogorrhea - unusually high output of articles
Bleg - To use one’s blog to beg for assistance etc.
Hitnosis - Refreshing your browser repeatedly to see if your hit counter or comments have increased
Blego - Blog+Ego. Measuring blogger worth
Blog hopping - jumping from one blog to another
Blogroach - A commenter who rudely disagrees with posted content
Blogoholic - addicted to blogging
Blogorific = blogtastic - something which a blogger says is terrific
Blogsit - maintaining a blog while the primary blogger is on leave
Blogvertising - Also called blogvert. Advertising on a blog.
Blurker - a blog reader not posting comments, just lurking around quietly.
Blogiversary - your blog birthday
Blog Carnival - Links to other articles covering a specific topic.
Multiblog - running multiple blogs
Blog Tipping - Compliment 3 blogs on day 1 of every month.

Blogger bash - a blogger party
Commenter - someone who leaves remarks / comments
Reciprocal Links - called link love. You link to my blog, I link to yours. To improve search engine rankings.
Linkbaiting - a habit of writing good content with the sole purpose of getting it linked from multiple sites.
Blogstorm - a large amount of blogosphere activity due to particular controversy. Also called Blog Swarm.
Blogsnob - refusing to respond to blog comments from “not-friends”.
Doppelblogger - plagiarize the content of another blogger. To Doppelblog.
Blogophobia - Fear of blogs and blogging.
Bloggerel - the same opinion posted repeatedly on a blog

Masih Berhubungan Dengan Blog
Problogger - professional blogger
Blognoscenti - especially knowledgable bloggers
Blogebrity - a famous blogger.
Blogerati - the blogosphere intelligentsia.
Commentariat - The community of those leaving comments.
Dooced - lost a job because of blog entries. To Dooce.
Blogther - a fellow blogger.
Blogstar- blogger running a popular blog
Blog Day - 31 August. Find 5 new Blogs that you find interesting and tell them.
Blaudience - your blog audience.
Blargon - Also called Blogssary. Blogging slang and glossary. What I am telling you now.
Blogiversary - your blog birthday
Blog of Note - a recommended blog.
Blook - a book created from a blog.
Spomments- Spam comments
Blammer- Blog spammer
Blogiday- you get fed up and take a holiday from blogging

Gimana pencerahannya?? mari berlatih menggunakan blargon-blargon diatas....


-ian- said…
kalo blogger yang nyritain pengalaman sendiri namanya apa ? ada tema gitu, pokoknya nulis apa ygn dia alami aja
Jed Revolutia said…
septian...buat curhat namanya....blogegepe (baca Blog E G P = emang gue pikirin)...becanda ding..
pyuriko said…
Dpt kata2 ini dr mana???

Bagus2... ternyata ada jg.
-ian- said…
Anonymous said…
wah, banyak juga yah :)
Anonymous said…
kalau aku blogmania...ngak ngeblog bisa mati gituuuu...and cerita2 yg ngak mutu gituuu...huk huk huk..apa tuh istilah buatkyu?w3aks
Anonymous said…
Hmm.. blog gua termasuk kategori yg mana yaa? :D Huehehe.. postingan yg menarik, Jed ;)
Anonymous said…
Blog-minded? huehehe..
DeepBlue said…
dung2x said…
Gile, terlalu banyak blargon2nya... mungkin ga semua common juga ya...

Deepblue: LOL... pun intended ya
William said…
hahahaha ...

deepblue, which definition of go-blog u intend to use ? :p
dung2x said…
HUAHUAHAHU... somehow pas baca lagi Blogsit yg nyantol di kepala tiba2 Pangsit. Hahahhahahaha....

I am obviously hungry. 10 mins to lunch :D LOLOL
Antown said…
kok bahasa inggris semua?
yang familiar kok malah nggak ada ya? yang bahasa indonesia gitu

salam kenal