2008: Dare to CHANGE!

If in the year 2007 my life motto was 'dare to dream', this year my life motto would be 'dare to change'. Myriad things that happened in my life have made me realized that dreams can only come true when we change. Without any changes, our life will stay like it is, nothing changed. When we dare to change, we're getting closer to make our dreams history as they turn out to be realities.

Why so many people are afraid of change? Why although they say that they want to achieve this and that, they still can't get what they want? Because they are just mere dreamers and not changers. Many people are afraid to take the steps of change because they tend think that changing is frightening. While it is actually not. If you dare to change, it means that you dare to make a different.

We can change when we stop making excuses why we don't wanna change. People with excuses are the people who always look back to the past or the people who are focusing too much on the current problem. They are definitely pessimistic people, while to change, all you need is optimism. You have to believe that your future is not your present nor your past. Your past is something you can never change so it's useless to make a fuss about it. Your future is always something that you can always change. Therefore, live in the present for the future and NOT live in the past for the present.

No regret!
No blame!
No excuses!

Just hope!
Just dream!
Just change!


Anonymous said…
You have to believe that your future is not your present nor your past.

==> Ouchh.. kena bangets neeh!! Hmm.. Jed, ntah kenapa.. your blog itu salah satu dr sedikit yg ngebuat gua jadi ngerefleksi ke diri gua sendiri, hehehe..

Thanks again for another inspiring post :) Met Mingguu..
Fida Abbott said…
I am so proud of you!!!
Ancilla said…
let's start to dream...
let's start to do something...
let's start to change ourselves...
let's start to be agent of change :)