If You Know Love

This is my Valentine's treats for all of you, a song by Molly Johnson titled "If You Know Love" from the album "Messin' Around." Enjoy it:

If You Know Love
(S. MacKinnon/M. Johnson)
If you know love, like I know love
The sun don’t rise the same
When a heart sings, like a moonbeam
It shines on everything

If I told you, I was so sure
I woke up and Love whispered your name
Baby believe it, I could not lie, if I tried

If you know love, like I know love
The birds don’t sound the same
With your sweet smile going on for miles
It warms up everything

If ya told me, you were so sure
You found out that love had come to town
Don’t second guess it, if you know love

Cotton candy and summer nights
String of pearls and city lights
I would throw them all away for love

Al Cross: Drums
Andrew Craig: Piano
Mike Downes: Bass
Rob Piltch: Guitar


Anonymous said…
cieeh yg lg in lop :D
Lilia said…
You should be one of the DBBC winners. Unfortunately lot of posts you made in English.
See you at DBBC Vol. 2