Longing for Love

I'm lacked of love.
I'm lacked of somebody to whom i can learn about life.
I'm lack a person who will be my protector and provider.
I like the figure of manhood in my life.
I lacked of a father-to-son love in my life.
I wanted all love and care from a father,
but my flesh father cannot fit the place.
So, i cried then, I said, Father God,
Would you be my father forever?
and i can hear my Heavenly Father said unto me,
yes my son.

I'm lacked of attention and friendship.
I'm lacked of person to whom i can share my deepest heart cry with.
I'm lacked of person i can trust fully with all my secrets.
I'm lacked of person who will accept me just the way, supporting and not criticizing.
I'm lacked a best friend. Then I spoke to the Holy Ghost.
I said, Holy Spirit, would you be my friend forever?
and i can hear him saying, yes, no doubt for it.

I'm lacked of love, the gentle touch from somebody who fully love me.
I'm lacked of love and all of its romance and care.
I'm lacked of a lover. someone who will love me to death.
someone who will always be with me no matter what happen.
Someone where our soul will attached inseparably.
Then, i looked at Jesus.
I said to him, would you be my lover forever?


puisinya baguss... menyentuh gitu.... ini dari pengalaman hidup yah?
Anonymous said…
i love you