What Would I Do this end of 2003?

Whatcha' gonna do...when the Hulkamania run wild on you? Nothing. It's as simple as that since Hulkamania is dead. No more Hulk Hogan cause his knee is damaged. That's the last news I heard about him. Looks like I'm fed up with WWE. Not with wrestling though. They made HHH as champ again...what the hell they are thinking now? The only comfort I can get is in the rumor that Goldberg will win the Royal Rumble next January. If not? You're dead WWE...you're dead!

That's enough complain from a wrestling fan. WAIT! They push Bob Holly...when nobody knows who is he or even care that he's existed as a wrestler. Once again, they drop Benoit down. This time really rough.

Christmas goes with nothing special this year except I bought NIV bible yesterday. I will use this version for my daily bible-reading for next year. I always use different bible version every year. This year was Amplified Bible. Before, I planned to have New Living Bible (NLB) as next year's source, but I changed my mind at the last second.

What I'm gonna do this final week of 2003? Prob, I will finish reading "Stop Trying to Live for Jesus". This is really an excellent book by Charles Price. One of the year's best, I suppose. Yesterday, I noticed that they have publiched another David Ravenhill book in Indonesian. It will be my next target of reading.

Oh God...you know how I always wish for computer... :cry:

Another word for this week: BUSY.....Absolutely busy. That's really not a good word to describe the end of the year. But that's the fact...I wish I could change that.

Final word....That's all I guess.