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Nobody in human history has been misunderstood more than Jesus Christ of Nazareth - JED-ReVoLuTiA
That's the fact. From the old days till now, Only some people who can really understand and know him truly. Even when he walked this earth, most people including his disciples misunderstood him.
This Jesus I am talking about is the one who must meet a guy who cut his sermon with a dumb question: "Master, please tell my brother to divide his inheritance with me!". What the hell does that man is thinking about Jesus? In another occassion, a woman interrupted his teaching with a look-smart-but-foolish statement, "Blessed is she who bore you as your mother!". Jesus then answered it with sigh and said, "Blessed is those who hear my words and do them!".
Todays society even more cruel toward Jesus. If you go to the bookstore, you'll find out what I mean. There are books that describe Jesus as entrepenour, miracle worker, great guru, philosopher, doctor, magician, cult leader, and many more. Even Jesus' words can be considered as the most misinterpreted ever.
You cannot truly know Jesus if you don't admit his Lordship. That's for sure! And you cannot know him with biased-mind.
My today's scripture reading makes me realize that Jesus' gospel is the good news to the poor! This is what Brennan Manning calls as the ragamuffin....the poor in spirit. They are the outcasts, sinners, and society's shit.
Below is how Manning describes the ragamuffins to whom Jesus comes:
Well, there's a beautiful scene in the Old Testament about the Anawim. In the eighth century, they're the poor, the homeless, landless, and God will one day restore their prosperity. But in the sixth century the Anawim took on a meaning of tremendous spiritual depth. The Anawim were the poor in spirit who had an unwavering trust in God and committed themselves entirely to doing his will.Now, when the Anawim theme comes into the New Testament, the Anawim are those who gather to meet Jesus at his birth. They're the poor ones, the nobodies, the people on the margin of respectability. They're the shepherds. There's Anna, this old lady at 84 years old. There's Simeon, an old man. And all these animals. And then, of course, there's the Virgin Mary, who was considered the last and lowliest in a long line. Those are the ones who are truly poor in spirit. They acknowledge their utter dependence on God even for their next breath, have just cast their lot with Jesus, and surrendered to the Father's will. And that's basically what a ragamuffin is.
The above quote is taken from Cristianity Today's interview with Brennan Manning. The complete interview can be seen here


~~Devita~~ said…
I agree with this statement:

"Nobody in human history has been misunderstood more than Jesus Christ of Nazareth - JED-ReVoLuTiA"