Grumpy and Angry

I'm not in the mood right now. Can say that I am angry. Just go back from teaching. Hate to know that I have take a difficult strict stand to discipline my students. I'm not a so-called 'killer' teacher. I am more to 'funky-and-entertaining' teacher. I want my class to be fun and enthusiastic. I wanna my class to be memorable and powerful. And as what my fellow teacher said, I got what it takes to reach my goal. Teaching is my life, my hobby, my calling, my ambition, my dream, and my way of life. I wanna be unforgettable teacher for my students. I gonna give my best in all my classes. But sometimes things do not as what is expected.
This is Ramadan, the fasting month for Muslims. Although I'm not one I respect those who fulfill their religious duty so it is no way I will stop them do their responsibilities. But what happened is that my students often break the rules we have set together at the beginning of the class. Such as, they should come back ASAP to class after the fasting break. Some students take extra 10-15 minutes before they go back to class. So, this is discipline problem and I need to do something about it. So I punish them. Punishing someone is not something that i really like to do. I hate doing it, especially after preaching about forgiveness the day before in my group. But i have to do it.


pak guru lagi marah.... sabar pak.... weits.. ga ngefek..