The Forgotten Statue

The Forgotten Statue
(c) 2006 Jed Revolutia
Look, the dumb statue of the goddess.
She cannot speak, listen, or do anything.
You can hear that silence is her every breath.
Smokes of death and pains of coldness are hers.
Look, She cannot even feel or react.
See, She cannot even see or understand.
Oh, I really wanted her to listen to me.
But she kept on ignoring me like a stranger.
Her complete arrogance has made me to decide.
From now on, her name will be Forgotten.


Anonymous said…
Poem ini didedikasikan buat seseorang yang pernah Jed tulis dalam poem, "The Hard Way To Trust". Ada yang bisa tebak?? Tolong komennya ya?
Anonymous said…

barangkali seh

eniwei bug apaan?
smuanya ok2 aja tuh
William said…
Ngga tauuu ... tapi sedih sekali dikasi nama Forgotten.
sapa namanya??? ga bisa nebak.... sapa? sapa?