Hide Not From Me

Copyright (c) 2006 Jed Revolutia

Hide not from me O you fairy.
Come, show me your glittering light.
Go enchanted me, Go make my face glary.
Bestow your charm on the one you delight.

Hide not your heart O you fairy.
Come, pitch your tent in the midst of my vicinity.
Go sleep on my chest on the wherry.
Bestow me with kisses to eternity, divinity.


Mee Chan said…
for me?
sweet banget...

eniwei kenapa judulnya ga? "don't hide from me"
william said…
lebih keren kali ya ? ini puisi ada hubungan dengan masa lalu dan sekarang ya ???
hendra said…
Lagi in lop ya hehehe. Keren puisinya
~~Devita~~ said…
bagus jed.. bagus bagus..... two tumbs up deh..wakkakaka