I Gotta Change

Dear Dreamer,

I gotta change!

After spending a week of self-reflection during the Lebaran break, I’ve decided to make some changes in my life; otherwise I will always stay the same. Being static is the thing I hate most. I am ReVoLuTiA, change is a must. Below are 3 things I expected to be renovated in my life in the coming years.

1. I Would Write More

I considered 2006 as the year when my creativity is buried. I’m not productive and creative as before. I haven’t made any essential piece of writing or poem this year. Instead of writing, I have spent my time to speak more than ever. But, I have to remind myself that writing is a must if I want to stay creative. That’s why I need a stimulus and I hope this nice blog can facilitate that. I’m not gonna fill this blog with other people’s writings like I did with my previous blog, but I will try to produce at least one piece of writing once a week. I need your support by keep on coming here to give comment, so that I may know that somebody out there read my writings. I believe that the joy of writing comes from knowing that your writing is read and has impacted someone else’s life.

2. I Need To Listen More

The most difficult thing in this life is to be a good listener. You can have 10 good speakers in a bunch of 100 people, but perhaps none is a good listener. As matter of fact, listening needs effort. Listening means you pay more attention to the message given to you rather that the message you want to share. Listening makes our communication partner to be the subject rather than the object. I admit that I’ve spent years to train myself to be a good speaker, but being a good listener never comes to my mind.

Your most annoying person must be the person who never listens to whatever you say, and you can easily say that he/she sucks. But, what about if we are the one who actually sucks because we never listen to others. I believe most of my failing past relationship with girls was due to lack of listening skills. I never cared what is felt by her, I just thought about me all the time, and what could she do to my benefit. So, this Oscar/Jed needs to change. I will listen more and talk less.

3. I Should Exercise More

I believe that I am fat when my weight was 75 Kg. Now, I weigh 82 Kg. That signals the alarm that I should exercise more. Recent problems with pants, belts, and underpants have awakened me from my long deep sleep. So, I decided to become a regular monthly member in a fitness center and hired one of my best friends to be my personal trainer. My goal is not to make 6-packs or biceps out of my overweight body, but more to stay away from gaining more weight. On day one, I realized that I am so weak, definitely weak. I must be stronger so that I can stay away from weather infirmities. Please wish me luck.



Meechan said…
celebrity fitness ni yeee
suit! suit!!
Anonymous said…
hohohoho ... ayo ikutan juli lari2 keliling senayan .. pulangnya mampir deh ke Sushi Tei buat makan salmon mentah .. dijamin sehat bodi tapi kantongnya sehat juga ga yah? hiihihihi
Anonymous said…
jangan lupa minum susu plus telor...:P
yup tapi exercise bikin sehat!! go JED!!-F|N-
William said…
good resolution. keep it up. jangan males2 yaaaa :).
good good... dua tahun udah berlalu.. apa sudah ada perubahan Jed? :D:D apakah masih belajar, lom menyerah kan? :D:D