My Lover

My Lover
Copyright (c) 2007 Jed Revolutia

My lover is the sweetest gazelle
Who walks distinctively graceful among others
She is the loveliest mademoiselle
Who walks lovably agile among others

My lover is the most precious rhombus
That I wouldn't trade for anything else
She brings me life and not a thrombus
So that I can conquer everything else

My lover is truly my soul's soul
Bone of my bones, flesh of my flesh
She's unmistakably mine from head to sole
And she's the joy that keep me fresh, afresh


dwi99 said…
Nice, Bro :D
a very romantic poem...
Hehe, I'm sure your lover will feel very honored to know that you thought and feel about her that way :)
irene said…
jadi udah jadian nii hehehe.. wish u for the best!
yoan said…
wah...wah....yang udah jadian selamat yach *makan-makan*
Anonymous said…
aiyah, kamuh romantiz yaaah :D
naldo said…
sama siapa jed ? ... ahh sama bambang yah, cowok tetanggamu itu yg kamu ceritain. Selamat yah jed, akhirnya bambang jadi labuhan hatimu jg. jaga baik2
chocolateaddict said…
keren euy :D
Fida Abbott said…
My lover is my beloved husband
Plusses and minusses he have
They are the colourful of my beloved one

(Dikomentari pakai puisi juga nih Jed, he,he...)

Fida in USA
Tiwi said…
kapan undangannya Jed?
[ReTH] said…
Hahaha, Jed lagi poling in loph yak, pantesaan ada puisi cinta disini ;p

I wish my lover says that to me..
Helen said…
Heuhuehe... congratulation atas jadiannya mas! ^^
crushdew said…
my lover is..susah ternyata jawabnya...