Heart Can't Lie

Heart Can't Lie
Copyright © 2007 Jed Revolutia

This heart can't lie
Every time I talk to you
Every time I look deep into your eyes
There is a part of me that says,
"Hey, it's me. I love you!"

This heart can't lie
Even though I see many pretty girls
All of them are fabulous to me
They invite me to enjoy life
But still, I can't get you out of my mind

This heart can't lie
Every time you try to ignore and blacklist me
Every time you put on that 'busy' face signal
I try to forget you but I cannot get over you at all
Because this heart can't lie, "I do love you!"


Unknown said…
Nice one, Jed!

Cheers :-).
Lagi jatuh cinta neh ceritanya??

Hehe.... bgagus oiy puisinya.
The Dodo said…
jed where r u? kok udah lama ngga ngepost?
Murni Rosa said…
Neither can mine, Jed... ;-)