Go, Go, Hillary

I know that I am not American but i support Mrs. Hillary Clinton to be the next US President. There are some reasons why i favor her above Barrack Obama, John McCain, or Mike Huckabee.
  1. She's prepared herself for it. Serving 8 years as US First Lady and another 8 years as Senator means she's got the experience needed to be the first woman president in American history.
  2. She's the candidate with the clear vision: Universal Health Care which I believe will give benefits for the socially disadvantaged people in the US.
  3. Her husband, Bill, is famous for his successful economic policy. So, something like buy 1 for 2 thing.
  4. She must be anti-Bush. Everybody hates GWB.
  5. I am a feminist, that's why i always favor female politician over the male one. With the demise of late Benazir Bhutto, the world need another strong woman to give color to the world.
  6. I like Mr. Obama but I don't think he has the experience needed. He could be the next JFK for America, that's why i would love to see him become the VP candidate for Mrs. Clinton. Two of them will be the dream ticket.
  7. Since post-Bush-trauma, I don't think I will likely to support any Replubicans for this moment.
  8. I believe in Tony Campolo and he believes in the Clintons.
Go, Go, Hillary. I wish that you can beat Obama to get the Democrats nominee. Greetings from Indonesia.

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