How Could I Be Your Perfect Guy?

republishing one of my old poem from my collection...i recall this one as one of my finest work with poetry, realizing how hard i tried to make it rhymed and sounded beautiful to the ears. How Could I Be Your Perfect Guy?
Copyright © 2005 Jed Revolutia

If you just gave me a chance, I would
Prove to the whole world, that I could
Be your perfect guy. I would wake up
Earlier, prepare a breakfast, and I'd
Kiss your temple gently to wake you up.
I'd hold you in my arms to carry you. I'd
Cuddle you from the back and kiss your
Neck and say to you tenderly that you're
The most beautiful girl ever in the world,
And that you are the queen of the world.

If you had just given me a chance, I’d have
Been the most perfect guy you could have
Ever imagined. And at the moment I realized that
I would never be the perfect guy you want, I
Knew it then that my fantasies were over, that
My life was meaningless, and that I would die.

Ah! If only you had ever given me the chance,
I’d never have blown away that precious chance.
Because I would never ever be your perfect guy,
If you never ever needed me to be your guy.


Anonymous said…
Great poem!!!!
I love it!
It is different and tasty! Good job Bro!!
tintabiru said…
Hoping and wishing..
pyuriko said…
Maknanya sangat dalam, Jed!