Showcase: Aspiring Indonesian Music Talents

In this blog post, i would like to introduce you to some of my choices of Indonesian aspiring music talents. These are the people that I consider as having the necessary x-factor to be as famous as Anggun. They are currently not really popular even in Indonesia, but I believe that their uniqueness will make them soar in the future. If you click their names, you can watch their YouTube videos. I will deliver them in rank order. Almost all the singers sing in English in these videos.
  1. Dewi Lestari (Techno Pop)
  2. Mike Mohede (Pop/R&B)
  3. d'cinnamons (Accoustic Pop)
  4. Monita (Jazz)
  5. Gea (Pop Jazz)
  6. Saykoji (HipHop)
  7. Rebecca (Pop Rock)
  8. Gaby (Pop)
  9. White Shoes & The Couples Company (Retro Pop)
  10. Steven & Coconut Treez (Reggae)


Fida Abbott said…

Hey, lagi kesohor nih namamu dan X-written-nya di Blogku!!!!

Manda La Mendol said…
Rebecca ?? Alaaa..Jed paling ngiler tuh liat body-nya. Hahahaha...