How To Be A True Blogger

I need your input. I dunno whether I should continue blogging or not. So, please give suggestions on how to improve my blogs.
Thank You.
Those were my words in my old retired blog on November 10th, 2005. I read that again this morning as I try to save some of my old stuffs before I dismiss that old blog forever since I've fallen in love with this blog. I read the comments and it really made me laughed.
a friend said:
"improve ? there's no such thing as bad or good blog. first of all, do you really know what your blog is for ? don't just copy paste from others BRAIN or someone's thought. it gotta be your original or at least your original comment on things that ppl said/made. second, if you have technical difficulties, ask someone who's good at it. easy right ? no it's not. but it's worth to try."
newbie said:
"yeah I think you should quit this blogging stuff"
I laughed because I just realized that I have gone so far from what happened in 2005. I have really passed that experience. At that time, I have a blog but I don't know what to do with my blog. I started to become a serious blogger since I started this blog hosted by blogger in 2006. I even bought a domain name to make it easier for people to remember how to visit my blog. Now, I love blogging a lot.

Some tips for you guys out there who is still a struggling blogger:
  1. Write your own stuffs. Don't just copy-paste from other sources. A blog is worth-reading when the content is worth-reading and original.
  2. People will come back to your blog if they find the content of your blog is interesting and worth their time to read and give comment. They don't come because you spam or scam them.
  3. Be honest. A blog is the place where you can express yourself in a genuine way. Don't try to sell anything which you don't really know and don't recommend something just to get money from it. People trust blog when the blog is trustworthy.
  4. Think of your audience. Be sure that you write for their benefits. Be sure that you write something that you think they need to know that they haven't found somewhere else. A blog should be a personal retrospect but it is not supposed to be a show-off machine.
  5. If you lose your blogging spirit, try to redesign the layout of your blog. It really works with me.
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Anonymous said…
Jed, met Paskah lagi ya :D

Untung waktu itu blognya ga ditutup, Jed.

Aku juga kemarin baru bongkar2 postingan di blog lama, lucu juga baca2 old posts-nya hehehehe. Keep on blogging :D