Jed writes Jed: Reminisce My Past Blogging

So this is gonna be me writing about me...
I would like to recommend 10 of my own writings in this blog (actually I wrote these ones at my old blog, but I have move them over here) that I've written long, long time ago between 2003 and 2005 which I considered still worth seeing. Here we go:
  1. Tidak Ambisius [Bahasa ; date: December 23, 2003] dimana Jed ngomong soal budaya Indonesia yang terkesan antipati terhadap yang namanya ambisi, dari soal politik hingga segala segi kehidupan.
  2. About Jesus [English ; date: January 16, 2004] one of my classic writings on Christian spirituality.
  3. The Power of Love [Bahasa ; date: January 18, 2004] salah satu tulisan klasik gue soal kasih ilahi pada kita yang gue masih suka baca sampai sekarang.
  4. Penghuni Terakhir & Refleksi Diri [Bahasa ; date: September 21, 2004] dimana gue menuliskan pelajaran kehidupan yang gue dapatkan setelah nonton acara Penghuni Terakhir di Anteve.
  5. I Believe In Vocation [English ; date: November 13, 2004] I wrote about what I believe as vocation and how to live stick to what you believe as your life goals.
  6. The Pursuit [English ; date: January 27, 2005] my classic poem and it did big time since it was the first time I realized that I can write a poem well.
  7. An Angel [English ; date: May 20, 2005] a poem which I actually wrote for someone's birthday and I still think that it is one of my best masterpiece ever.
  8. What Happened On A Test? [English ; date: May 27, 2005] I caught the students cheating during the test with my camera and I put it in my blog.
  9. When We Meet Again [Bahasa ; date: September 2, 2005] dimana gue menulis gimana rasanya ketemu teman-teman lama.
  10. Do It Like Dave & Margaretta [English ; date: September 11, 2005] I met my idols when I watched "Amazing Race" on TV.
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