We Believe In Energy Subsidy [yeah?]

Just take a look at how our country, Indonesia, makes her expense budget:
  • 27 percent goes to energy subsidy with 66 percent of it goes to fuel subsidy and 34 percent goes to electricity subsidy. Why in the hell the fuel is more important than electricity for this country?
  • Food subsidy is only 1.4 percent of the whole budget. So, we think fuel is more important to be subsidized than food.
  • Subsidy for soy bean and cooking oil which is desperately needed by the poor of this country is only 0.15 percent.
  • Education gets only 7 percent despite the fact that the constitution demands it should be at least 20 percent. Who cares anyway because fuel subsidy is more important right?
  • Health gets only 2.9 percent of the whole budget. We think that we always have money to pay the doctors and medication, but we don't want to buy fuel at high price.
  • Let's not forget that we only allocate 7.5 percent for the transportation and building roads across the country. No wonder we have a hard time to improve our economy.
  • Our Defense Ministry only receives 5 percent guys.
  • Our Social Ministry only gets 0.5 percent. We don't care enough for the poor and dying of this country, aren't we?
  • And we have 2.5 percent of the budget to make sure the Hajj system goes smoothly. We are truly a religious nation despite the fact that we don't care about social justice.
So, what should be done next?

It's very simple. No more fuel subsidy. Allocate the money to education and health sector. Make everybody in this country have free education and free universal health care. Give subsidy only to eletricity, public transport, food, and farming.