Award for Indonesian Creative Economy Practicioners

British Council concern to improve the knowledge economy sector in Indonesia has been proven by having multiple programs to boost the growth of the creative economy sector in Indonesia. One of the programs is the IYCEY Awards Competition 2008-2009. IYCEY stands for International Young Creative Entrepreneur of the Year. Previously, British Council Indonesia had sent 5 people to join the 14-day trip to the UK to showcase their creative products. They were: music producer Yoris Sebastian, architect Ridwan Kamil, music promoter Leo Rustandi, creative community leader Gustaff Hariman, animator Wahyu Aditya, and fashion promoter Deli Makmur. The good news is that this year it can be your turn to dig the experience.

The requirements:
  1. Indonesian citizen aged between 25-35.
  2. Work or run your own business in the creative sectors for at least 3 years. This includes Screen, Interactive, Fashion, and Communication.

In the term ‘Screen’ we include feature film, documentary, shorts, television production, and animation
•Development, production, post-production
•Distribution and/or sales
•Exhibition – cinema/venue and/or festival/event programming and management
•Journalism (print and broadcast) and publishing
•Marketing, internet websites/ web networks, public and media relations
•Promotion, education and retail
•Artist management
•Consultants providing specialist services in any of the areas outlined

Indonesia’s Screen champion will go to the UK on 12-24 October 2008, competing against creative entrepreneurs from China, India, Lithuania, Mexico, Nigeria, the Philippines, Poland, Slovenia, and Thailand.

•Interactive software publishers, developers and marketing specialists
•Interactive entertainment developers for the internet, digital television, radio and mobile devices
•Internet multimedia and web design
•Interactive event production
•Experimental media
•Consultants providing specialist services in this area

The Indonesian winner will be competing against champions from Brazil, Estonia, India, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, and Turkey from 6 to 18 November in the UK.

•Fashion, textile, accessories or perfume design and production
•Fashion promotion: shows, exhibitions, festivals, events
•Fashion retail: buying, merchandising
•Fashion product research, sourcing, supply chain management
•Fashion marketing, PR, branding, journalism
•Fashion publishing, communications, websites
•Consultants providing specialist services in any of the areas outlined

Indonesia’s champion will visit the UK on 1-13 February 2009 to compete against creative entrepreneurs from Brazil, India, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Poland, Thailand, and Tunisia.

•Advertising and branding agencies
•PR agencies
•Photography agencies
•Graphic design agencies
•Print media, to include newspapers and magazines
•Broadcast media, to include radio, television and internet
•Direct marketing agencies
•Consultants or trade associations providing specialist services in this area

The Indonesian winner will go to the UK to compete against champions from the Central South Asia region, Ghana, Kuwait, Latvia, Mexico, Nigeria, Russia, Slovenia, and the South Caucasus in March 2009.
If you are interested, you can Download the application form and email the completed form(s) to by 23 July 2008 at 11 p.m. the latest. You can find more complete information about this competition from British Council Indonesia website. The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) can be found here. For another competition on creative economy, you can go to this website. So, why don't you try and good luck.


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