Axioo Classmate PC (Is It Good?)

I fell in love with this product yesterday firstly to its size. It's very cute and handy. Second, the price is affordable (under 4 million Rupiah). I just browsed the Internet this morning to find out about this product called Classmate PC sponsored by Intel. There are at least 2 kinds of this products in Indonesia, Axioo Classmate and Zyrex Anoa. I wanna try the Axioo one, is it good? If you have any information please do tell me so I may consider it before buying. (Trying to do some thought-out purchase).

Check this information from Axioo Website.

Product Information from Axioo Shop:
The Intel-powered classmate PC is a mobile personal learning device for primary students, ages 5 to 14. Developed specifically to enhance teaching and learning, classmate PCs engage children with “real PC” performance in a rugged, kid-friendly design. Classmate PCs include practical, education-oriented features that improve the learning experience for students, parents, teachers and schools.

Processor : Intel Celeron ULV 900Mhz
RAM : Visipro 512Mb PC-5300 (max 1Gb, 1 slot)
HDD : Seagate 30Gb
Optical Drive : -
Display : 7in TFT WVGA
Graphic system : Intel 915GMS 8Mb
Expansion Slot : -
LAN : Fast Ethernet 10/100
Modem : -
Wireless: 802.11bg
Bluetooth : -
Webcam : -
Card Reader : -
Software included : Linux pre-installed, Microsoft drivers
Warranty: 1 year parts & labour
Price: Rp.3,600,000
Compare this product with Zyrec Anoa 212


Benakribo said…
gilaaa asik banget ituuh laptopnya enak abis bawanya jugaa hiehee pengennn huhu