26 August 2008

List of Indonesian Flights Websites

Click on the image to visit the particular flight websites.


Tha said...

mudikh...ayo mudikh...
haiyahh kemaren Sriwijaya tergelincir bok..
ngeri banget yah naek pesawat

yoan said...

beh....udah mahal semua tiketnya bro :(.

Marisa said...

Where's Adam Air? Haha.

sam said...

Thanks for the list.

Now let's try booking a flight online. Let's look - Garuda, no. Merpati, no. Kartika, erm, no. Batavia, oooh, nope, site crash. Sriwijaya, no chance. Citilink, not sure, as they havn't loaded any flights beyond October.

Malaysian, yup, Jet Star, no probs, Air Asia - of course.

So, Mandala with a very dodgy looking site, and Lion are the Indonesian carriers that you can book online. Doesn't instill a lot of confidence when an airline cannot maintain a working, bookable website, at least that was one thing AdamAir did well.

Anonymous said...

Good list!
Here another good website for booking in Indonesia: tiket.com

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