The Memory of Jakarta: Cafe Batavia

One of the nicest place you can see in Jakarta is Cafe Batavia. History tells us that this is the second erected building at the Fatahillah Square after the city hall (now Jakarta Historical Museum). This 2-story cafe is still as strong as the original and offers nice experience for all of you. You'll feel like you are somewhere outside Indonesia long, long time ago for an hours you dine here. I really want to comeback to this place someday. For some photos, I used sepia from my camera to make it look like classic pictures.

This is the first floor
This is the second floor

Wall of pictures as its main characteristic

This is the bar

This is the toilet, also with wall of pictures. I really love it.

So, for a taste of international food, nice view, and historical lesson, you can always visit:

Café Batavia
Taman Fatahillah
(across the square from the Fatahillah Museum)
Kota, Jakarta, Indonesia
Tel. (62-21) 691-5531, 691-5334
Fax (62-21) 692-3842
Open 8:00am to 2:00am Monday-Friday
Weekends 24 hours


wow, nice cafe :D. very artistic:D

i want to go there some day :D

nice pictures Jed .