The Next Level of Singing

What is lacking in today's singers and musicians is the passion to deliver a song as a gift to the listeners. It's not just about singing good technically, but singing should be carried out with total emotion and warm stage presence. It's about the soul in the music. It's about how you can make the audience feel the song and move to tears of excitement or sadness. A good singer will give you goose bumps whenever s/he sings because you know that s/he connect with your heart and not with your money. Here I would like to share some of my favorite clips from YouTube to show you what does it mean to sing with passion.

The Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin sings 'I Have A Dream' at Bill Clinton's inauguration in the 90's. She was slim at that time. What makes Aretha is still the first lady of Soul until now is the unmatched passion she can bring in a song. This is a good example on how a song should be sung.

This is a tribute to the late Gerald Levert by his father Eddie Levert, together with Gladys Knight, Yolanda Adams, and Patti LaBelle who brought the song until it can be heard from heaven. They are such tremendous singers. This is probably the best version of 'Wind Beneath My Wings' up to now. I love Patti's entrance when she sung the second chorus, she raised the bar like none else could. Sorry for Patti's long speech at the beginning of the video. Please be patient because your patience will worth after you hear them sing.

'You Are My Friend' sung by Patti LaBelle along with Pastor Shirley Caesar. Both of them are unique and extraterrestrial. Enjoy this blend of Soul and Gospel.

This is perhaps the best rendition of 'Many Rivers To Cross' sung passionately by the legendary Annie Lennox.


Unknown said…
Jed... denger Guy Sebastian dong ^.^ hehuuehuheuheueheu
Jed Revolutia said…
halah, guy sebastian mah blom ada apa-apanya kali...lagian hari gene males denger pop easy listening kecuali kita emang orangnya banyak berkhayal.