A Trip To Taman Wisata Bumi Kedaton Lampung

For nature lovers, I recommend you a trip to Taman Wisata Bumi Kedaton in Lampung. Lampung is one of Indonesia's provinces which is located in the southern Sumatra island. It takes only 45 minutes plane ride from Jakarta. What I like most is the winding road to the area from the heart of the capital Bandar Lampung city. It takes only about 20 minutes from Bandar Lampung and it takes only one and half hour from the airport. The entrance ticket is only US$ 1/person. It has a small zoo, cafes, elephant attraction, campsite, and a river. If you want to come here, I suggest you not to come here alone, because this is some kind like family vacational site. It's hard to reach this place using public transport, so you'd better bring your own vehicle or hire a car. Just check the pictures below and tell me what you think.


pemandangannya bagus yah... itu kayaknya masih alami yah, bukan buatan yah??
Anonymous said…
Wah, orang Lampung tach? salam kenal dari saya. Saya juga tinggal diLampung, tepatnya MEtro.