The Evolution of Telecommunication

In the past, a lover would send short message to his/her beloved by using courier pigeon.
Now, lovers don't need to trouble the birds anymore, since they can send SMS easily using their mobile phone. It is very cheap if you use IM3.
In the past, a lover would need to learn telepathic skill in order to talk to his/her long distance lover.Now, lovers don't need to spend much energy for that. They just need a cell phone and a bluetooth hands-free, they can enjoy every minutes of their conversation in relaxed manner. Calls are very cheap if you use StarOne.

In the past, a lover would need magical power to operate crystal ball to connect to his/her lover virtually.
Now, lovers don't need crystal ball anymore. By 3,5G technology, they can make video call anytime they want. Matrix and Mentari are excellent choice for this activity.

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Miss G said…
Cool! Bener banget!
Fida Abbott said…
Wah boleh juga kemajuan di Indo ya....

Have great weekend
pyuriko said…
Untung Iko pakai IM3,... smsan murah hehehe. GRPS juga murah!
Murni Rosa said…
Wah, you pasti ikutan blog kontes lagi, deh.. hmm.. boleh juga indosatnya. banyak yang bilang murah, emang. hehe... anak mudaa, gitu lo! :-D
Anonymous said…
hueheheh... tapi I sebel, akhir2 ini indosat nyebelin banget koneksinya... huhhhh!!!!! >> lagi bete ama indosat.
Anonymous said…
hare gene mending ol.andai kata disluruh Indonesia Internet tu murah.jadi tinggal telpon pake skype aja gratis!
Fida Abbott said…
Hi Jed,

Thanks for your compliment.

Ikutan ya eventku, tinggal 1 kursi kosong utk diisi, yaitu tinggal forward/postingin acara eventku Fida Abbott's Giveaway of the Year dan beritahu link-nya ke aku.

Buruan tinggal 1 kursi lagi, ntar kalau nggak cepat, keisi yg lain.

Itu kalau Jed interest loh, kalau nggak juga nggak apa-apa...just for fun having small special gift from me.

Have great day!
Anonymous said…
IM3 dan IM2 saya pakeee..

Matrix juga saya Pakeee..


Keluarga Indosat memang saya inii.. ahahaha..

manteb banget dah..

apa kabar om Jed??

Anonymous said…
are horses are somewhat related with sending messages through letters in the past