Holiday Prizes for Photographers and Bloggers

In this holiday season (from Christmas until New Year), you actually can try your effort to win prizes by joining some competitions. There are at least 3 competitions that I noticed, specially destined for you, photographers and bloggers:

1. Eyeka's Indonesia Photo Challenge

WHEN: 21 Nov 2008 – 21 Jan 2009
WHO: Indonesian photographer ONLY
WHAT: Send your best fashion’s snap, models, celebrities, beauties (fame is not mandatory).
PRIZE: Trip to London Fashion Week & International Young Fashion Entrepreneur / IYFE Award in Feb 2009
Arbain Rambey (KOMPAS), Darwis Triadi, Jerry Aurum
Winner will be announced in on Jan 26th 2009
Format: .jpg, at least 1600x1200 px
See the brief
By participating in the contest, you accept the rules
2. XL Award 2008: Writing and Photo Competition

WHEN: 1 Oct 2008 – 31 Dec 2008
WHO: Journalists and public.
WHAT: Write and shoot on the given topics.
PRIZE: 200 million Rupiah total
Judges: unsolicited
For complete information, you can go to this page on XL website.

3. Djarum Black Blog Competition

WHEN: 6 Dec 2008 – 31 Mar 2009
WHO: Indonesian bloggers
WHAT: Write blog entries by using the given keyword
PRIZE: notebook and blackberry
Judges: unsolicited
For complete information, you can go to this page at Djarum Black website.

So, what are you waiting for? Try your best shots at these competitions.


Anonymous said…
Pingin hadiahnya aja... blackberry :D
Murni Rosa said…
Kesempatan buat yang blom menang nih. :-) Sayangnya, syaratnya pada menjebak, nih! :-D
Anonymous said…
thx for sharing... I hope you get at least one of them :D