Thanks to Little Blue Bird

It's been a long time for me since the last time I wrote in this blog. As what most of you probably already know, I withdrew from blogging and spending more time to tweeting from my twitter handle: @revolutia. I actually plan to come back blogging like the old days, but let see how it'll get me after my constant busyness nowadays.

I did an interview for My Jakarta section of The Jakarta Globe newspaper in March and you can read the interview here: Jed Revolutia: E-book Entrepreneur. Thanks to Aisyah Hamid, the interviewer, for wonderful interview session. I was also mentioned in the news, especially in this report by "Berkaca dari Kasus Supriono yang Bikin Heboh".

I would like to link back to some blogs which have been mentioning me in previous months. These are blog posts which were inspired from my tweets:
I believe there are many others but I don't have enough time to trace all of them. Anyway, happy reading and good night. It's 12:50 AM now.


Pandu said…
postingan "Keraguan bisa menjadi anugerah yang luar biasa" diambil dari e-book NASIONAL.IS.ME dari Pandji cmiiw
vvonster said…
Sering sering ka ngeblognya.
Biar makin banyak yang terinspirasi :)
hoyhoyhoy.... :D