47 Things I Learned About Life So Far

Over the years I spent on tweeting, I made some tweets on my reflection of life. Here is the collection of the tweets:
  1. To have a good life, you have accept everything, don't expect anything. Just do your best.
  2. Blessed Life is not about "how much you can get" but about "how much you can give. 
  3. Life is meant to be enjoyed, so let's have a party and celebrate it. 
  4. To fulfill your life's purpose You've gotta answer when you're called. So don't be afraid to face the world against all odds. 
  5. Having a blog is actually a nice way to see how far you have grown, how much you have learned all these years, and how changes affect your life. 
  6. This is how you should treat life: everyday is a gift! That's why it is called 'present'.
  7. A kiss means we both now share the same breath of life. 
  8. Sometimes the best thing you can do in life is simply keeping your sanity. 
  9. Life's so mysterious. You can never predict what lies ahead. 
  10. Life should be going and you decide it's going where. 
  11. Sleeping is a way of saying I have my life altogether. 
  12. Sometimes life's like a lemon. You will give it sour face or you'll make lemonade. 
  13. The most wonderful thing in life is to realize that I am beloved. 
  14. You should know exactly what you want in life. Don't let others dictate you. 
  15. Some cases in life will remain unanswered and let you linger with the question "why?" 
  16. Each life obstacles that you can overcome will make an ever stronger person. 
  17. The joy of life is in laughter. 
  18. Insecurity is the product of expecting too much while unwilling to accept anything as just parts of the life colors. 
  19. Accept kindness randomly, not all the time. You must have dignity to say no sometimes if you don't want that vocab disappear from your life. 
  20. Life is so funny. Sometimes you can never predict what lies ahead of you. Making wild guess and wild game is recommended. 
  21. You don't have to end all story with happy ending. You can also end it with a realization that life is so complex. 
  22. To be meaningful, life must have a purpose and action. From that point, you can create a passion for which you live your life for. 
  23. I'm excited by the fact that I spend my days and nights knowing what I do will have a lasting good effect on someone else's life. 
  24. How amazing life will be if everyone always thinks of how he or she can help other people. 
  25. Life is amazing when you can be grateful for what it is. 
  26. Everyone of us has the right to be happy and leads a fulfilling life as long as we respect each other. 
  27. I've been in ups and downs of life, to make me realize that this life ain't about what I can get, but what I can give. 
  28. Life Paradox: people don't change when you expect them to change, but they change when you don't expect them to change. 
  29. Don't live a pathetic life as if you have no future to start all over again. 
  30. Life will not be boring if you always try new things to do and new passions to explore. 
  31. Life is so beautiful when you focus your life on 'being' rather than 'doing'. 
  32. You are responsible to make your own day every day of your life. 
  33. Life sucks at times, therefore we need to f*ck it back. 
  34. Life is about pretending that you are not pretending. 
  35. Life is about making choices and I should learn to make better life choices. 
  36. Life is about finding and missing something or someone again and again. 
  37. If you can explain what this life is all about, then you don't even need to live anymore. 
  38. Being comfortable under your own skin, that's all it takes to succeed in this life. 
  39. Life is a constant struggle. If you don't fight for your dreams, you'll soon be stepped on by other people. 
  40. Don't expect everyone to be kind and nice to you. Life is a constant struggle. Expect the worst, work out for the best. 
  41. If you have pain, please understand this: everybody is in pain. So, don't ask for sympathy. Run to save your life. 
  42. To be a winner in life, you have to beat all others. You can't beat anyone or anything without a battle. No easy ticket. 
  43. Life needs a balance of work, play, and romance. 
  44. When life gives you lemon, buy a blender. 
  45. Always say what you want to say in real life, and you'll get people hurt (or amazed by your stupidity) by what you say. 
  46. Not all aspects of life need to have meaning. 
  47. Life is beautiful when you are grateful with what you have and not down with what you don't have.
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Agree with all of your thoughts!
I learned something too.
Death is not end of your life but it's a beginning of a wonderful life. It's difficult to accept it, it is sad, but if we accept it with great thought and smile, it will become a beautiful moment in life.