Perfect Beauty/Evil

Perfect Beauty/Evil
Copyright © 2007 Jed Revolutia
Perfect Beauty,
Why did you meet me in my dreams and deserted me afterwards?

Perfect Beauty,
Why can’t you come quickly and help me stand up?

Perfect Beauty,
Why am I not good enough for you, still?

Perfect Beauty,
Why should you let me shivering in the cold, cold rain?

Perfect Beauty,
Why should I wait and long for you for so long, long time?

John Keats said:
“Beauty is truth, truth beauty”
I would say of you:
“Beauty is evil, evil beauty”


pyuriko said…
She is beauty....

But i'm not a evil, hehehe...
-ian- said…
why is beauty devil ?
Anonymous said…
hah?! hah?! *gak mudeng* =P
Fida Abbott said…
Beauty can not be seen from the face
Beauty can not be valued by criterias
Beauty can be felt by your soul, your feeling, and your heart
Beauty can be seen and read from the attitude, the personality, the kindness and the honestly
Beauty ....Oh Beauty....

Have I been in the Beauty??
You are its answer for me

(Its answer comes from family, relatives, friends, etc)

Wed morning, March 14th, 2007
Anonymous said…
hmmm.. inner beauty better than outer beauty. ;)
Ancilla said…
"beauty inside" does matter :p

cinta sejati bukan masalah fisik semata, tapi masalah hati yang tidak dapat dipaksakan...