Kung Fu Panda : Ready To Fly

First of all, I would like to say thank you to Fida Abbott who has given me the 'Excellent Blog Award'. Thank you also for Gratcia Siahaya for giving me the 'Arte Y Pico Award'. For those who are wondering, I took a vacation for a week, that's why I was absent from this blog.

I love the story of 'Kungfu Panda'. At first, before watching the movie, I was expecting a very funny movie, like what Jack Black always does. It turned out to be an insightful comedy. It has a very beautiful message wrapped around the slapstick and sitcom. The message is this: "You can be whatever you wanna be if you believe in yourself". (I forget the fact the Jack Black is not Jim Carey because his comedy is always insightful, take for example The School of Rock, Shallow Hal, and Envy)

Po is a big fat giant panda who dreams of becoming a kungfu warrior. He has a goose father who sells noodle and expects his son to continue the family business. This is a situation that anyone can relate to, the expectation from the parents that their children should follow their dreams and the irony that happened as a result of a different dream that the children have. There is one scene that shows Po makes decision about his life, whether to simply follow his dad's dream to have a son that continue the noodle business or start to pursue his dream to be kungfu warrior. Po made a right decision: He chose to follow his dreams. This is a good lesson for everyone to know that it is no way a dream would come true without any action to make the dream come true. Do not stop only in dreaming big, you have to also make a big step. If Po didn't go uphill to see the kungfu celebration, he will still be the same noodle-seller panda like before.

Another beautiful lesson from the movie is never give up your dream even though other people dislike your dream. Sometimes they dislike your dream because they know that they will envy you when it comes true. Po has difficult time to learn the kungfu. His firefox master Shifu and the Furious Five (tigress, mantis, monkey, crane, and viper) think that Po does not have any talent in kungfu. Only grand master Oogway, the tortoise, who believes in him. Po did have the moment when he felt like giving up, but fortunately, he never gives up his ambition no matter what the cost. The same thing goes to each one of us, if we want to make our dream come true, then never ever give up your dream, because the dream will only be a reality for those who persists.

The movie also teach us that there is no secret recipe or secret formula to make our dream come true. It is just us. The secret is none other than us ourselves. If we believe in ourselves, then we will be what we wanna be. Your dream can only come true if you have the right perception of yourselves. Po did not realize that he can fly when he is fully obsessed with his obsession for food. If we are truly positive about what we can do, actually there's nothing that we can't do since the key to the secret power is actually located in our mind. If we want other people to look at us differently, then we should start to look at ourselves differently. Once we have different perception about ourselves, have a good self esteem, then we will be happier than ever and there is a special aura flows from our lives to will astonish everyone around us.

I have discussed before in my blog post some years ago that the key for getting your dream is in believing in yourself. You are the hero, my friend. You do not need the other people acceptance to get you accepted. Start with yourself. Once you accept yourself just the way you are then other people will also start to accept you just the way you are. Do not expects things to change around you if you yourself do not change yourself. You must have positive outlook and dare to change.

The last lesson I noticed from the movie is the importance of self-control. Po can defeat master Shifu only after he can control his desire to eat. Finally, he can beat snow leopard Tai Lung, because he can control his desire to have dragon scroll while Tai Lung cannot. If you really want not to blow up your dream then you have to control yourself. You must see that your dream is just something to motivate you flying higher and higher. It is not the end of everything. Once you get your dream to come true, you will feel a sudden sensation but like everything else, the sensation does not stay forever. You must know that you do not live just to get your dream, but you live for higher means, that is the help other people around you. If you realize that you are there to bless other people, you will realize that you do not live alone in this planet. Greed will get you nowhere, but love will get you everywhere. Remember all the superhero stories? They are loved because they are not greedy about their superpower. They know that they must use the power to save the people. On the other hand, the villains also have superpower, but they are filled with greed. They want to use the power to control everything to be like the way they want it to happen. Tai Lung also has the dream to be the dragon warrior but his heart is filled with greed. Po, on the other hand, knows that once he become the dragon warrior, he must use his power to save the people. That's why Po get his dream to come true while Tai Lung does not.

Overall, Kungfu Panda is a very fantastic movie that you have to watch. It is not only funny but also insightful. How about you? Are you ready to fly like I am ready to fly?


vacation? wow.! how interesting! i love vacation.!
Anonymous said…
really fantastic movie...
I like the statement, "no secret recipe"..
Anonymous said…
Selain lucu, banyak pesan positifnya yang bisa diambil.... :)
Anonymous said…
I wish i cud fly Jed...
But there's no wings to fly.
And I ain't no angel.

Good film anyway, though i don't laugh much... heheheh...